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yes hello how are u friends how are u doing well um i am really bored these days so i was wondering if u would want 2 send me edit suggestions. preferably this or that (teams, athletes, sports, venues, competitions, anything really, i guess u know what i follow if u follow me. that sounded very weird, i am sorry friend). thank u very much have a nice day

perfect angel baby goalie + fans

Carrousel de Paris by (Philipp Götze)


The quickest way to destroy a crush is to ask for their views on feminism.


Crossing Queensboro Bridge, New York City | by Matt Mawson

If you are interested in seeing the “nuts and bolts” of a steel bridge from close up, this is the one to stroll across.

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best of: kimi raikkonen


thug life? more like hug life. come here


Tales from Gerrard: My Autobiography

Actually it helped. When Alex and I went out for our first date, she was dead shy, and so was I. But the moment she mentioned the text, we both opened up and laughed about it for five hours. It was a brilliant evening: good meal, few glasses of wine, and non-stop laughter. That was me hooked completely on Alex Curran. Of course, Danny went and told the lads about the text, and I got caned mercilessly. But I didn’t care. I was smitten.